How DGM’s suite of tools and services help validate your decisions

By Blake Early, co-founder of Digital Grain Elevator, Inc.

It is true certain decisions we made a few months ago are no longer viable choices to be made today.  “Should I fill up my car today or tomorrow,” or, “where should we go for lunch,” are questions of recent past.  As the world changes, so does our decision-making process.  “What should I wear to work” is a relatively mundane question to be asked and really does not have a significant impact on our lives.  However, what about the questions such as “should I refinance my house,” and, “should I plant corn or soybeans on this field”?  These questions require quick action and a well thought out risk-reward analysis.

Oftentimes it is easy to fall into the trap of waiting; waiting for a deadline to decide.  Waiting for bills to pile up before selling 10,000 bushels.  Waiting until one day before that late fee kicks in before you return that library book 🙂 But what is happening while we wait?  The world changes and opportunities can go away. Sometimes, the worst decision is the one we didn’t make.

About 10 years ago I was trading options at the CBOE and CBOT.  I would get into the office at 6:30 am, two hours before the 8:30 am opening bell.  I would drink copious amounts of coffee and read a sentence or two about the markets.  More importantly, I would discuss with my team and risk managers the day’s game plan and strategy.  When I walked into the pit, I had all the confidence and info I needed to make quick decisions within a matter of seconds.

Now, 10 years later, when it comes to big decisions, I wait.  The reason I wait is because I over-analyze.  An example of this is when I am buying stocks.  I look at multiple factors to help my decision-making process, but too many times I am slow to execute.  Now there are software packages that help with the process and validate my thinking, but there are many of them and now I am slow to analyze which one I should use!

By being aware of my own tendency to over-analyze, I have worked hard at making my decision-making process as systematic as possible.  It allows me to make quicker and more confident decisions.  Marketing your cash grain is no different.  That is why when creating DGM we wanted to help you minimize the “paralysis.”  Our software provides a clear picture of your best opportunities, while our personal services will help you validate any questionable decisions you may have.  Let DGM be your “team” so when you “walk into the pit,” you are equipped with the information you need.  Unlike the investment software I use for stocks, DGM is neutral.  Neutrality is critical.