We build dynamic tools with our members’ needs primarily in mind. Access to neutral and independent information is critical to making any data driven decision. We look to enhance the relationship between farmers and their markets.


From owning commercial grain elevators to trading in the CBOT options pits, to working on their own family farms, the DGE team has carved their way through the agricultural industry for 25+ years. We take those experiences and knowledge and we put it into the products and services we provide.


Our core focus is providing technology tools and services that help our members overcome their challenges. We believe technology will be key in providing the adaptability and scalability that producers and operators will need to survive and thrive in the ever changing Ag economy.


DGE Membership

  • Annual License To All DGE Products
  • DGMarketing Software
  • FOB Manager Mobile App
  • FOB Driver Mobile App

* 12 month minimum term


The Digital Grain Elevator was created to help farmers and grain buyers optimize how grain is traded, stored and transported. We believe independent technologies can unlock significant incremental value to the entire grain supply chain. The primary purpose of the Digital Grain Elevators is creating new value, growing the pie for everyone in grain trade by enhancing relationships and cooperation through technology.

DGE is a technology company with two core technology products: DGM and FOB. FOB is a logistics platform built to help farmers and elevators optimize their grain freight. The DGMarketing application helps producers and merchandisers quickly identify values and make data-driven grain marketing decisions.

No. DGE does not buy or sell grain. DGE’s purpose is to enhance the relationship between all producers and buyers. We don’t believe this agriculture needs another party adding any friction or scalping margins, so we don’t.

Please send any more questions to or call us at 1-800-282-6081 and we will reply as soon as possible.